Japan Protective Clothing Association

Japan Protective Clothing Association was established in 1987.
Carrying out the reforms of the future programs in 2000, the following subjects are currently under way on the basis of relevance to the research, development and education.
1. Coherent approach to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with reference to ISO/TC 94(Personal safety-Personal Protective equipment)/SC 13 (Protective clothing).
2. Promotion of appropriate directions for use of the protective clothing.


    Corporate member : 56 Companies

    Personal member : 9 persons

    Scholar member : 17 persons

    Working group : 6 groups

    WG 1 : General properties

    WG 2 : Protective clothing against heat and flame

    WG 3 : Protective clothing against chemical agents

    WG 5 : Protective clothing against mechanical action

    WG 6 : Protective clothing against hazardous biological agents

    WG 8 : standardization for protective gloves